Guides for the Consignor platform

Shipments and Manifesting

Shipment Production

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Shipment Data and EDI to Carrier

General Functionality

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Customs and Documents

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Return Management


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Carrier Specific

Installation and Maintenance

System requirements

Backup and update

Installation and moving



Configuration of Consignor

Configuration - Consignor On-premises

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Configuration - Consignor Portal and Ticket

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User Management

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Shipping Rules

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Consignor Shipment Server API

Getting started

Using the Shipment Server API

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Ship Advisor 2.0

API reference

Ship Advisor 1.0

Data Management and Reporting

Data Storage

Reports and Statistics

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Portal Data Web Service

Printer Setup and Printing


Zebra GK420d

Zebra LP2844


Notifications and Tracking


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Filedrop Integration

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Consignor Plugins

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Web and SQL Integration

3rd Party Standard Integrations

Scan App

Scan App

Action Center

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Freight Rates and Costs


Invoice Control

Freight Rate Calculation

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Dangerous Goods


DG Office integration



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System Status

System Status Archive

Request and Status Log

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Request and Status Log Archive

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Release Notes


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Consignor On-premises

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Consignor Portal

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Consignor Shipment Server

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Scan App

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System Status

All systems are operational


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